Jacobs Cafitesse Launch!

There is a lot of excitement going on around Jacobs Cafitesse! The renewed portfolio has been extended with some delicious new blends and made Jacobs Cafitesse the “talk of the town”. More than 4000 customers successfully switched to Jacobs Cafitesse turning this into a smooth and flawless transition!


The switch was an opportunity for customers to upgrade in the following ways:

1. Use of higher quality blend (e.g. from former Mediterraneo to Medium Roast, or from non-certified to certified product).

2. Replacement of pure black coffee machines with machine that can brew coffee with milk specialties.

3. Improvement of the ratio settings with the new blend (quality optimization for the customer).  


The Jacobs Cafitesse Launch also attracted new customers, showing that the liquid business in Germany is growing. During the all-functions National Conference on the 14th of June, the successfully implemented rebranding strategy was celebrated. The conference left all energized and excited for Jacobs Cafitesse!


We wish the German market further success!