Cafitesse: A closed system!

With open coffee systems like Espresso, Filter, Fresh Brew, Slow Coffee etc. customers have an enormous influence on the quality of the coffee. They can change the flavor of the beverage resulting in a totally different taste profile. Variables that are difficult to control are among others, freshness of the coffee, cleanness of the equipment, dosing, temperature of the water, grinding, storage of the coffee and  standing time.

With Cafitesse customers or consumers do not have such a big impact on the taste profile since this was set at our factory in Joure. In my column of the first newsletter you can read how JDE can control the quality of the beverage during the making of Cafitesse. The only influence they have on taste is adjusting the strength of coffee to their preference.

It is important that Cafitesse equipment is kept clean in a proper way. The machines are designed for easy hygiene with a bag-in-box that has a dosage system that protects the product. The machines are cleaned in less than 10 minutes per week.

All mentioned makes sure that Cafitesse coffee is a consistently fresh, high-quality coffee available to everyone with just one push of the button!

Roland Brouwer

Global Coffee Experts JDE Professional (Master Blender)