Rediscover Growth with 12oz! Coffee Joint!

Espresso was developed in Italy in the 20th century and  is one of the things that spread the country’s popularity around the globe, along with great food, fast cars and high-end fashion to mention just a few.

Italians were experimenting with new trends and the coffee-to-go concept has been increasing in Italy over the past 10 years. While Starbucks only recently opened their 1st store, guess what! Cafitesse started its successful journey with a coffee-to-go concept in this espresso country almost 4 years ago!

Let’s introduce you to David, the mastermind behind 12 oz! Coffee Joint in Italy. He took our Cafitesse and brought it to the streets of Italy. He offers a young, catching, smart menu of drinks which he crafts using our very own Cafitesse! Ever since coffee lovers in Italy have been served with more than great coffee on the go!


In the meantime 12 oz! Coffee Joint has opened 16 stores in 9 locations serving Cafitesse. The concept has been franchised successfully in cities such as Milan, Venice and Bergamo. The success of 12oz! Coffee Joint caught the eye of JDE and beginning of 2018 we became the majority owner of this concept in the Italian market!


Are you curious about how they serve Cafitesse? You can follow their Facebook page and learn more about the company: or read this BBC article: