Coffee Academy 10 Years of Success

The Coffee Academy in Joure is organised and run by Roland Brouwer (Global Coffee Experts JDE Professional) and Raymond Bus (Marketing Assistant Professional) and it has been welcoming visitors from all over the world since 2008. As we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Coffee Academy, we wanted to do a short interview with Raymond Bus. Thanks to him, we now get some insights about the Coffee Academy! 


Can you tell us a bit more about the Coffee Academy programme?

The Coffee Academy programme gives all the participants opportunity to experience the great taste of Cafitesse, which is produced in Joure. Moreover, it encourages the participants to find out more about the benefits of different coffee types. We’ve always had great feedback and some participants have told us they wished they had taken part sooner in their sales career. Even though most of our participants are from Sales, we also have participants from different departments within JDE Professional.

The Coffee Academy approach makes it easier for sales staff to sell different concepts as they become inspired and motivated by their better understanding of coffee, the brands and the Cafitesse solutions. We hope this drives a sense of pride and respect that will boost the success of Cafitesse in the market.

Participants usually give us an average score of 9 out of 10, so we have high standards to keep up.


What can you learn in the Coffee Academy training?

It is a great opportunity for the participants to learn better about the coffee industry. During the training, participants will visit our factory in Joure and see the production process, learn about coffee knowledge in general, understand the benefit of convenience coffee system, and learn to serve a perfect cup.


How many times a year do you organise a Coffee Academy?

On average we organise 10 Academies per year with 20 participants. In addition, we carry out five facility or country visits which are attended by customers instead of colleagues for a one day course. 


Who are the participants?

Our associates from various departments such as Sales, Marketing and Operations join the coffee academy and they come from all over the place. It really highlights the importance of the Coffee Academy for JDE worldwide! 


How do you manage to keep evolving the quality of the Coffee Academy?

The Coffee Academy reflects our vision to deliver the best experience. We make sure that the content stays relevant and reflects the trends we see in the coffee world. In addition, the academy got a complete overhaul in June. The new look has more to offer and appeals to wide range of markets with various brands used such as Friele and Jacobs. The Coffee Academy reflects our vision to deliver the great experience with great taste, great business sense and great convenience.


When is the actual birthday of the Coffee Academy?

The Coffee Academy officially opened in Joure in the Dutch province of Friesland on December 11 2008, so on 2018 we are celebrating our 10th anniversary.