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Fresh Coffee Facts 

Coffee is the best – freshest - if it is consumed immediately after brewing. Yet many consumers brew more coffee than they need, keeping it warm in a thermos flask or on a hot plate until the next cup is served.


But a hot plate heats coffee to around 85 degrees Centigrade (185 degrees Fahrenheit), and as a result, the best coffee flavours evaporate. This means the bitter, burnt and harsh tastes come to dominate the brew. In other words, brewed coffee loses its fresh aromatic character in about 30 minutes. As the amount of pre-brewed coffee is much higher in Out of Home – such as hotels and banqueting – this impact is even worse.


How can you keep your coffee fresh – or at least as fresh as possible? The best way is to store it in a thermos flask, but you must make sure it is spotlessly clean. If fresh coffee is poured in a dirty thermos that smells like old coffee, the fresh coffee will take over both the smell and the taste immediately.


The quality of the coffee in a flask deteriorates, especially when a pot is half-empty for two or more hours, because oxygen in the headspace oxidates the flavours. So be sure to make a fresh brew every 90 minutes or so to get the best possible taste.


Raw materials, blending, roasting, grinding and packing all help determine the quality of a cup of coffee. Customers deserve the best, not a cup of old, stale coffee that has been kept warm. Cafitesse is the perfect solution because the quality is consistently high and it can be served at speed, making sure every cup is fresh!


Roland Brouwer

Global Coffee Experts JDE Professional (Master Blender)