Tasting is Believing


The UK team is bringing People Love Us and the love of Cafitesse alive. In April, Rebecca Parker and Francesco Mercurio initiated tasting sessions for their colleagues in Hurley and Banbury to challenge their taste buds.

They say ‘Tasting is believing!’ and the the main focus of the sessions was to find out how our colleagues experience Cafitesse. The tasting sessions were followed by discussions about the challenges in how Cafitesse is perceived and reflections on the quality of the new blends. The feedback received from associates at the end was positive with lots of spreading the love of Cafitesse! We share some of the participants’ quotes below and look forward to receiving more updates from different offices to see how they encourage their associates to support their internal ambassadors.



Emily Ward  “I can’t believe this isn’t freshly ground coffee!”

Richard Walker  “Its great to see how the system actually works and understand how unique it is in the market place.”

Dan Shirlaw  “We always knew it was special and unique. Having it all brought to life made sense of it all."

Michael Blincowe  “Can't believe how much faster and easier it is compared to our rivals.”

Chrissie Haynes  “What a great system, so easy and convenient. It tastes wonderful as well!”