Cafitesse introduces Liquid-Iced Coffee



National Business Manager Christian Delodder shares the story of how Liquid-Iced Coffee came to be, and how you can try it out.


The popularity of cold coffee increases on hot summer days, and brings with it trend-setting ideas. Take Nitrogen coffee, cold brew coffee and hot drip coffee for example. However, more than great coffee has more to offer according to Christian, which brought the idea of Liquid Iced coffee into the reality. Suggest: These innovations inspired Christian to consider what else could be done with great coffee, and the concept of Liquid-Iced Coffee was born.

‘We wanted to wow our guests and offer them something different to traditional coffee,’ he says. The idea started with a discussion of  1900 ‘APOTEKA’ approach and serving ‘PHARMA-LIKE’ bottles with funky names such as Black Magic, Rocket Fuel and Cheecky Monkey. ‘We were also thinking about whiskey glasses with ice and citrus fruits and then we hit upon the Liquid-Iced Coffee concept.’


This approach has cleared the way for other JDE Professional teams to come up with their own names and techniques to take the Liquid-Iced Coffee concept even further.


‘All of our recipes are prepared with the Cafitesse Intense Roast blend that creates a great base using PDO for a cold brew. 100 ml bottles and printed labels come into play afterwards to complete the great experience as part of Cafitesse.’


‘It was a perfect new way to impress the guests and introduce our Cafitesse concept to customers,’ says Christian. ‘Iced coffee is easy to prepare and it can be made for up to 1,000 people. The idea was a perfect fit for sales meeting and events and we received a lot of positive feedback from our guests as well!’


This mega success inspired the JDE Professional team in Thailand to develop even more blends, as well as Liquid Ice Tea and Cocoa – using Cafitesse, of course.


You can use the idea in any location to get your customers’ attention. Instead of pushing sales, this innovative idea with Cafitesse drew our customers in! Christian started getting daily requests from customers to incorporate Liquid-Iced Coffee and they have signed up lots of new customers as well. Hence, he encourages other Professional teams to get creative as well and to share the results with us!


The combination of little bottles of Liquid-Iced Coffee poured over ice into whiskey tumblers and topped up with flavoured syrups is just the beginning. ‘Keep your eyes and ears open for more unique concepts to follow,’ says Christian.


Anyone up to challenging him with another creative Cafitesse idea?


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