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Chilled summer days with Delicate Roast


Master Blender Roland Brouwer introduces the new blend of Cafitesse and shares his tips on how to use it to create great recipes!


With summer fast approaching, cold drinks are the order of the day. Coffee makes a great base for a chilled glass of something as well.


The lower acidity levels in darker roast coffee make it more popular as a base for cold drinks in many countries. The acidity may be low, but impact on our tongues is still acidic, due to the cooling effect.


Medium Roast, Strong Roast and Intense Roast are the obvious blends to choose from within our optimised Cafitesse portfolio to create iced coffee. However, there is another blend which surprised me  - our new Delicate Roast, a medium roasted blend, which makes a vividly fresh coffee with soft tones of cucumber and citrus. This elegant blend with its slow coffee profile is extremely refreshing as chilled drink or nitro base, perfect on hot summer days!


Try it as espresso (40ml ratio 1:8-12 pending preference) over ice (glass full of ice cubes). Add some mint leaves and a thin slice of lemon or lime and enjoy!