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La Seine Musicale meets with more than great coffee in Paris


Anne Claire Payo from the French JDE Professional team reports about the partnership between Cafitesse and La Seine Musicale.


La Seine Musicale opened its doors to the public in April, 2017 in Ile Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt. Since then this brand new concert venue has been welcoming its guests with magnificent architecture and the smell of Cafitesse.


The Grande Seine has over 6,000 seats and hosts a wide range of activities, from concerts to ballet. The partnership with Cafitesse is, therefore, very high visibility given the number of events.


Cafitesse excels at large events, with lots of guests and high peaks of demand. Considering the high standards required at a top-notch location and high expectations in terms of service, there is a lot to achieve to make sure the guests’ expectations are met. Cafitesse is the ideal solution – given its convenience, constant quality, speed and performance, and, of course, the great aromas that filter through this premium location.

The aroma of Cafitesse is an invitation to have a great time in La Seine Musicale. And of course, we should not forget Lenôtre, the premium catering company and well-known caterer in France accompany Cafitesse to serve customers. Lenôtre, which is also a key part of the La Seine Musicale claims to be a true Cafitesse believer!