Disney loves Cafitesse!

Did you see the recent news from China on Workplace or on LinkedIn and were curious to find out more about this success story? Because we sure were and are excited to share with you!

The story of Cafitesse and Disneyland started in 2017, when Disneyland Shanghai looked for a reliable solution and ordered Cafitesse machines for their Toys Story hotel.  

In the hot summer days of 2018, Cafitesse showed its versatility when the Toy Story hotel and restaurants in the beloved theme park launched Nitrogen coffee by DE Cafitesse. Five different coffee menus where created, with and without syrup flavor.

The success story continues. While the weather got colder and the Nitrogen coffee is temporarily not being served, our China team still managed to land another deal! The theme park believes in the Cafitesse concept and ordered two Quantum 120 machines with the Milk Master Pro. A true example of Disney loving Cafitesse!

Big applause to our team in China for the success! Keep up the good work!