Trying is believing!

Beans or no beans?

Despite such high ratings, there is a prejudice amongst our potential customers. Many are convinced that beans coffee is the best. One way to turn these customers into ‘believers' is to organise a blind tasting. This is a tasting without seeing the machine which is used to prepare the coffee. Let them experience why Cafitesse blends are consumers' favourite! Below shows how to prepare a tasting session to perfection.


Preparing a perfect tasting session 

Be sure to taste different blends to determine the best profile of your customer beforehand. Or else, try to make the right selection of the blend by asking questions about the preferred taste. Offering too many blends during a tasting can make it difficult for your customer to choose.

Be sure the tasting room is free from odours and is well ventilated. Allow the tasters to write down their notes and discuss them together. Check you have all the required elements: water, milk, cups, bring or reset a grinder. Last, but not least, always make a cup for yourself before the tasting, so you know what to expect!


How to taste blends

To ensure the best tasting experience, always start with the good brew and finish with the best brew. Similarly, always taste the low-intensity blends first, and high-intensity blends last and go from lungo to milk-based to espresso drinks. 


Try likes - Why Cafitesse? Because they love it!

It’s not just that consumers love the taste of Cafitesse, it’s the coffee option that offers customers maximum ease of use at an affordable price. In Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium, our teams have had considerable success in convincing clients of the great taste and benefits of Cafitesse through one or two-week machine trials. Machines and ingredients were provided free of charge. The result: up to 80% conversion rates!

If you have questions on how to organise a tasting session, contact me at


Roland Brouwer

Global Coffee Expert JDE Professional (Master Blender)