Greeks love coffee .. and cacao!

As much as we love our coffee in Greece, we also like our cacao! But, even in our wildest dreams, we couldn't have imagined what could happen over a cup of cacao!


Sales up by 40%

We are proud to say that in Greece, we have managed to increase liquid cacao sales volumes by 40% within just one year. How?  By replacing the old-looking – but high volume and reliable – C110/120 Cafitesse machine which has only 1 BiB by the new Excellence machine which has 2 BiBs.

Hotels and cruises have always been high-volume segments for Cafitesse. These segments have numerous coffee consumption moments and places, including breakfast, lobby, banquet and more. By replacing the old Cafitesse machines with new ones, we were able to offer 2 BiBs with a variety of drinks and combinations, such as coffee & cacao or coffee & milk-based beverages. In this way, our customers now benefit from a more extensive choice of quality drinks (black coffee, milk-based coffee and cacao) at a fair price. They have rewarded us with high volume consumptions.

So, the business case is simple: replace one (BIB or machine) by two (BIBs or machines) for happy customers and a double-digit volume increase!