And the winner is……..!!!

Of course, we know we have an amazing group of colleagues around the world. But, we were overawed by the enthusiasm of so many of you for the #PerfectPitch challenge. What an inspiring lot you all are!


What a great way to start the day ….!!

That’s what # PerfectPitch winner Stig Lindeberg mailed us when he heard his submission was the jury’s favourite. Stig, who is Field Sales Analyst for the Nordic countries, said that he was ‘super excited’ that he had won. He went on to say that: ‘I think Cafitesse is a fantastic product. The inspiration for writing this pitch was trying to set a scene, in a movie-trailer-like format. The purpose of my pitch was to capture the essence of Cafitesse through feelings rather than just hard facts.’

And just to let you know that winning inspiration is within reach of all, Stig commented:   ‘You know how they say that 72% of people get their best ideas in the shower. I am the living proof!’


Highlighting the coffee

Stig’s pitch was selected as the winner as it is best reflects Cafitesse proposition. While we believe Cafitesse is our proprietary solution, it is not easy to explain the whole concept in an accurate and creative way. Stig definitely nailed it and inspired us all!

We were also impressed by Stig’s excitement and eager participation in the challenge. Not only one pitch, he submitted three #PerfectPitch! Hats off to you Stig!


Last but not least, a BIG ‘Thank you!’ to all of you who took the effort to submit their #perfectpitch! Keep sharing your love for Cafitesse!