50% volume growth in Korea

Partner HRS rewarded for spectacular sales
After achieving a 50% volume growth in Korea last year, partner and distributor HRS has been rewarded with a renewed three-year contract. This year, again, HRS is showing extreme sales power with an increase in sales volume of 25% during the first months already.

Key to success: golf courses and Cafitesse-Over-Ice
Key to HRS’s success has been its strategic focus on a unique segment with a unique product offering: golf courses and Cafitesse-Over-Ice.

In Korea, there are near 400 golf courses where business executives meet and play golf. With the warm climate in Korea, they are looking for refreshing drinks during and after the game. The golf course in the photo boasts two Quantum 110s with the special ICE KITE, as well as an ice dispenser. In the summer, these two machines daily consume no less than two packs of two-litre Intense Roast! That adds up to almost 1,000 Cafitesse-Over-Ice drinks served per day! Mind you, golf players are charged for these drinks and they absolutely love the convenience, speed and taste!

What a great performance by HRS!