Cafitesse is popular in convention centres!

Not only is Thailand known for its beautiful landscape but it also has a booming event industry with many large exhibition and convention centres. 
Our team in Thailand was quick to enter this segment by offering Cafitesse to the local event venues. 

Many customers in the hospitality business in Thailand already fell in love with the great coffee and convenience Cafitesse can provide. However, most convention centres still use the traditional bulk brew method with its inconsistent coffee quality, slow brewing time (5 litres take 20-30 minutes), and large waste of ingredients (up to 30%-40%).

To solve the challenges customers face within this segment, the team in Thailand offered Cafitesse machines on mobile trolleys including water tank and pump.

The result: Great tasting coffee, with consistent quality that can be served everywhere. Cafitesse allows our customers to serve one cup of coffee in just four seconds – a perfect fit for the needs within this segment!

Leveraging the mobile trolley system, the team was able to close deals with most of the biggest convention centres in Thailand. One of them is the IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center, South East Asia’s largest modern convention centre.

Kudos Thailand!