Danish team shares their key success

We do sell a lot of Cafitesse Omni machines in Denmark..!

The Danish market has always welcomed Cafitesse and all its benefits. Historically, the old C2100 has been one of our best-sellers for several years, and the launch of Cafitesse Omni only stimulated the market even more. With its modern design, user-friendly interface and high capacity of up to 900 cups of coffee, it appeals to customers in all segments. Since the launch in 2018, 90 machines have been placed primarily at large business- and large public customers.

In our sales story, we talk about the optimal brewed coffee and the time saved on cleaning and maintenance - this opened the eyes of many “fresh-brew-evangelists”. To support the launch, we introduced the machine with a 30% discount with 2 packs of coffee included, making sure that the customer is up and running as of day one.

In order to let potential customers try and experience this popular machine, we also offer test installations at a low price (€350) which will be deducted from the sales price.

All in all, we, in Denmark, simply love Cafitesse.