Let's Talk Taste!

Spring is perfect timing for a cold drink, and lucky us, coffee is ideal ingredients for both hot and cold beverages.

In this edition, I want to introduce 'Hazelnut Holiday', a delicious drink to delight your friends or customers during the warm and sunny days. As it is using Cafitesse coffeeHowever, if you want to try out the recipes at home, you can use the same amount of your own brewed coffee. Use a coffee blend which can be compared with the used Cafitesse coffee. Cafitesse Golden Roast is a 100% washed Arabica coffee.

Good luck in preparing the drink, I hope you will receive many compliments!

The coming spring and summer period is indeed an ideal opportunity to discover coffee speciality drinks all over the world. Please share your coffee speciality together with a good (high-resolution) picture with us or share it on our workplace page.


Roland Brouwer

Global Coffee Expert JDE Professional (Master Blender)

Hazelnut Holiday

Prep time 60 seconds for one serving.



1 Café creme (125ml) made of Cafitesse Golden Roast (UTZ & EKO)

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 tablespoon of chocolate & hazelnut spread



A sprinkle of chopped nuts

Grated white or dark chocolate

2 large straws (optional)



A blender and a large tall glass



1. Take 1 Café crème made of Cafitesse Golden Roast and pour into the jug of your blender

2. Add the ice cream, chocolate, hazelnut spread and the ice into the jug.

3. Blend for 15 seconds on full power.

4. Remove jug from blender and pour into your glass.

5. Sprinkle with a small amount of the chopped nuts and grated white/ dark chocolate.

6. Place the straws in the cup



Serve in a large paper cup for takeaways.

Serve immediately.