Cafitesse: the never-fail machine

Recent research has shown that coffee machine reliability is a top priority when it comes to customers’ coffee solution requirements. Although there are many criteria, it appears that having a hassle-free coffee machine equals a high satisfaction rate from its users.


Why is reliability so important?

Fewer breakdowns mean our clients have more satisfied guest and employees and less hassle. For us at JDE, it means less service actions or product recalls with associated costs. And of course, we are happiest when our customers are happy.


So, it’s great to realize that Cafitesse has a proven track record of reliable service. In fact, other coffee solutions break down on average 2.5 times more often than Cafitesse. 


How have we achieved this? Well, for starters the design and construction of the Cafitesse machine is simple: the equipment is designed to have less complexity and there are fewer moving parts (no grinder for instance). This means fewer parts that can break down.


And, of course, Cafitesse coffee is already brewed to perfection in our roastery, so there is no need to include brewing chambers or high-pressure systems. This not only means constant quality and less time required to serve a cup of coffee, but it also needs less cleaning and less maintenance. In fact, the Cafitesse machine is programmed to run self-maintenance cycles, flushing the system after each cup of coffee, so as to avoid any ingredients from drying up inside.


Last but not least, Cafitesse is JDE’s dedicated equipment. This means we ourselves drive improvements to maximize the quality and reliability of our machines, showing that Cafitesse is once again MORE than great coffee.