Making ‘sustainable from bean to cup’ content

At JDE, we’re proud that the unbeatable taste of Cafitesse is sustainable from bean to cup. With sustainability also being top of mind with many of our customers, JDE’s Professional Digital Team, has created ‘sustainable from bean to cup’ content for all our professional social media channels, such as JDE Professional LinkedIn and Facebook.


The team has created posts, visuals and shortened videos or animations (15-20 sec) to trigger potential customers to visit the landing page, where they can watch the full-length video and find more information on our great-tasting, sustainable coffee solution.


One of the videos introduces Bas Stok - Corporate Responsibility Manager - and challenges him to share as much green facts as possible within 30 seconds. His enthusiasm and passion are extremely inspiring. Our UK team recently shared the video on UK’s JDE Professional Profile LinkedIn and received many enthusiastic responses. Viewers can click through to the landing page, where green facts are explained in more detail.


Another concept is the ‘Coffee corner sustainable checklist’. By ticking boxes next to 7 facts, viewers discover how green their coffee brewing system is and how much greener Cafitesse is. France and United Kingdom, who published the checklist received great feedback – and many likes and shares.

Carrousel posts

Last but not least, is the Cafitesse carrousel concept. It highlights the main sustainability arguments of the Cafitesse brewing system in five separate posts. When placed next to each other, the five images together make a beautiful story of Cafitesse and how we’re taking on our responsibilities when it comes to the environment. Our colleagues in Denmark recently shared this post on their LinkedIn profile.


Curious to see what we’ve been up to? Click on the links or follow your local JDE profile on LinkedIn and Facebook and live the customer experience.