German vaccine centres choose Cafitesse

In Germany, the battle against the Covid-19 virus has opened up new opportunities for enabling people to experience the great taste of Cafitesse.


With the German government looking to kick-off the Covid-19 vaccine programme as quickly as possible, vaccine centres were opened double quick at the end of December 2020. The haste involved in setting up these centres meant there was no time to spend thinking on how to provide health workers in the centres with coffee.


Our German JDE colleagues were quick to call decision makers and offer them our perfect Cafitesse coffee solution, with the promise to place the machines in the shortest of time windows.


Of course, having in place a clean, safe and hygienic coffee solution was top of mind for these new customers. Health workers and support staff in over 15  vaccination centres across the country are already enjoying the great taste provided by hygienic Cafitesse coffee machines.


The highly detailed customer briefing that highlighted the hygienic benefits of Cafitesse, as well as the quick installation of machines, have been the key drivers for success. We expect to be able to service even more sites soon! Stay tuned!