Cafitesse: the easiest and fastest machine to clean!

Did you know we recently launched the informative and fun Did You Know video series? While we all know that Cafitesse machines are easy to clean, it’s still impressive to see how little time our customers need to spend on cleaning. Especially when you compare it to the time needed to clean similar coffee machines.

Missed out on the first Did You Know video? No worries! Check it out here. Let us know in the comments how you would put the time saved on cleaning to good use!

The next editions of the Did You Know series will be made available on Workplace. We are already working on the 2nd video and are really excited about it! Wondering what it’ll be about? We can reveal that it’s one of our customers’ top priorities when looking for a new coffee solution.

If you have suggestions for future Did You Know topics, we would love to hear from you! Send an email with your suggestion to