A ‘’touch’’ing story

Hygiene has always been a great benefit of our Liquid solutions. This benefit is an even greater advantage now in times when customers are looking to offer a safe cup of coffee.

To give customers and consumers even greater peace of mind, we have been looking for simple ways to offer additional protection for Cafitesse machines which are accessed by many people throughout the day.

Of course, stylus pens or hygiene keys both offer a versatile and hygienic way of using the touch screen.

An even more convenient and innovative solution is the antibacterial, coronavirus protective coating that is easy to apply to the touchscreens of our Cafitesse machines. Our colleagues at JobMeal in Sweden associated themselves with a supplier that delivers a proven anti-bacterial film for touchscreens. Their solution is a hit with Cafitesse customers and their clients. The protective coating provides active protection 24/7 for up to 3 years. It’s a patented & ISO certified solution.

Our UK team will be the first to roll out this solution. They took the lead in developing a comprehensive toolkit to support the introduction. The toolkit consists of a sticker that can be placed on the machine to let consumers know of the added protection, as well as other communication materials. In these challenging times, it will allow every coffee to be served with peace of mind!