Ratio Setting – Key to great taste


Did you know that the great taste of Cafitesse coffee is largely determined by what we call the Ratio Setting? This setting is at times crucial to ensure that the taste of Cafitesse is a perfect match with country-specific taste !

Master blender Roland Brouwer explains: ‘Ratio has everything to do with the dry matter coffee content. Coffee dry matter is the amount of coffee solids dissolved in the water. It’s how we adjust the strength and the so-called mouthfeel of the coffee. These should perfectly match country-specific expectations. In other words: it should match coffee preferences of coffee drinkers in any one country.’

‘Of course, every Cafitesse blend has its own position in the total flavour field. . But, ratio does influence the perceived full-bodied taste.’

‘Every Cafitesse blend has its own position in the total flavour field. Ratio is not mentioned to change the position of a certain blend in the total flavour field. For example: at an average ratio of 1:21, Cafitesse Strong Roast is a strong full bodied coffee with a smoky character enriched with spice nuance and has a dryer matter content. With a higher ratio (more water), resulting in a more diluted taste profile. The profile is not full bodied spice anymore and the dry matter. The low dry matter content results in lacking fullness and mouthfeel; the coffee is thinner to what consumers normally are used to. The right setting is crucial to avoid negative reactions & complaints and to guarantee great tasting Cafitesse coffee at unbeatable convenience cup after cup’’.