Green, greener, greenest!

At the end of October, we proudly announced that Cafitesse and Promesso moved to 100% Green electricity for the production in Joure!

In case you missed out on this great news, here’s a quick recap!

Cafitesse is one of our most sustainable professional coffee solutions. Customers can choose their blend from our UTZ and Organic Certified range. For roasting and brewing Cafitesse, we now only use electricity from renewable sources.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional is buying GOs (Guarantees of Origin) to ensure that the green electricity produced is equal to the amount of electricity we use from the Dutch electricity network. GOs are part of the energy market system in Europe, and are the only way to show that the  electricity comes from a renewable source, in our case: Dutch wind!

Which means 2,600 tones less CO2 emissions every year (that’s about 1,300 plane trips from Amsterdam to NYC, and back).

We also battle waste for our customers, turning spent coffee grounds into biogas as fuel for our roastery. And did you know that 1 pack of Cafitesse provides 4 times more cups of coffee than a pack of beans? That’s 4 times less emissions from transportation. And, above all, Cafitesse is 100% great tasting coffee, carefully roasted to develop the more than 800 flavours present in coffee beans. These flavours are brought to life as soon as you push the buttons on one of our machines.