JDE sponsorship of SETE conference in Greece

Marking the start of the tourist season after the corona lockdown, the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Greek Tourist Confederation (SETE) was held in Athens on June 25th. Keynote speakers included the Greek Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the President of SETE, Mr. Giannis Retsos. JDE joined the event as a sponsor.

SETE’s mission is to constantly enhance the competitiveness of tourism and to promote its leading role in the Greek economy and society. A SETE member for 6 years already, this membership gives us at JDE the opportunity to leverage our brands and coffee solutions in the tourism sector and demonstrate our new innovations and thought leadership. JDE baristas help train hotel employees, while sponsorship of the SETE Annual General Meeting, offers the opportunity to meet with owners of leading Greek hotels and resorts.

Many stakeholders were particularly interested to learn about the hygiene-related advantages of Cafitesse. “We were excited to see that not only our current customers – but other hotel owners and stakeholders – were really interested to hear all about how Cafitesse can be a safe solution in these times. Not only were they enthusiastic about the Cafitesse hygienic perfect fit solution, but we were also asked to refill their cups many times!”

Hard times reveal true friends. Now, more than ever before, with everybody being impacted by COVID-19, it is important to support and help our partners in key focus channels with our know-how and best solutions, including the perfect-fit Cafitesse solution.