Aye, Aye Captain!

Congratulations to all involved in the Blue Ocean Project, which has just passed a final milestone and is now officially commercially released!

When onboard, the passengers seek little pleasures like a quality cup with an ocean breeze dancing across their faces. This is why in 2018 JDE initiated a project to capture an untapped opportunity in the cruise and ferry industries that translates annually to 1,2 Billion cups of coffee!

With our Perfect Fit approach and brand portfolio, we knew that JDE could be the ideal maritime mate, satisfying both the needs of operators and consumers. In particular, Cafitesse, with its consistent quality anytime and anywhere, combined with convenient operations, was a natural solution for onboard service. Beyond quality and convenience, Cafitesse also has other added benefits, like reduced ingredient storage-, fresh water-, and waste-requirements, which is a boon for the industry where those are a premium.

The Blue Ocean team put a lot of hard work to develop and approve equipment, grow partnerships, and provide clear guidelines, which allows JDE to reach out to new customers in the industry anywhere in the world.

Like many of our Professional partners, the cruise and ferry industries suffered COVID related setbacks in 2020. However, there is a real belief the market will bounce back, particularly in the ferry industry which has continued to operate and transport commuters. The passenger bookings for 2021 are still above plan versus normal years as people around the world want something to look forward to so are planning for future travel and adventure.

Should you wish for more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Blue Ocean captain, Andries Leusink. We look forward to smooth sailing ahead!