The tastiest and safest cup of coffee

Helping the hotel industry fulfilling new hygiene protocols

Cafitesse has been bringing great taste and maximum convenience to hotels worldwide for many years already. Now, hotels are discovering the hygienic benefits of Cafitesse.

One of the challenges faced by hotels is how to serve clients coffee in a safe way. Queuing up to get coffee at breakfast, a fluctuating number of clients which impacts freshness and clients touching a coffee machine: just a few of the hygiene-related issues that require safe solutions.


Great taste. 100% safe

This summer, hotels in popular destinations such as Spain and Greece started welcoming guests again. Serving coffee directly at the table has become part of their hygiene protocol - and many hotels are discovering the benefits of Cafitesse as ideal solution. Designed to serve a great tasting, safe cup of coffee fast, Cafitesse coffee can be brewed per pot or cup quickly and safely in the kitchen by hotel staff. This means hotel clients can be served a great tasting, warm cup of coffee at their table in little time and in full compliance with all hygiene protocols.

For hotel staff there also is the benefit of the easy-clean features of the Cafitesse machines. Maximum cleanliness is guaranteed at little effort! In this way, Cafitesse is helping hotels reaffirm that they are a safe place to visit or stay.