Ultimate Experience

COVID accelerated a digital agenda in - what we believed to be – a digital world.
Hence, this seems to be the ultimate opportunity to share with you an initiative: The L’OR Promesso Augmented Reality (AR) app. This app has been developed by the GBD Professional team for the Japanese market (currently only via iTunes app store).


Augmented what - and how does it work?

Augmented reality merges real-world environment and computer-generated visualizations for an interactive experience - such as giving customers a sense of what a L’OR Promesso could look like in their location without having it physically there.

You can simply do a scan of your room via the app and place the L’OR Promesso in those surroundings.
In addition, there are other menu options to explore the machine, including simple animations depicting changing ingredients and filters, cleaning, and using the touchscreen.

In times when we are still facing restrictions visiting customers in person, this app can help to give a sense of the ultimate experience to customers.

Curious to explore how it works or use it? Search for “Promesso AR” in the iTunes app store and click “download” or reach out to us at Let’s Talk Cafitesse.