Cafitesse and Promesso: becoming the most sustainable coffee solutions in our portfolio

Minimizing Cafitesse’s footprint for a green future

Awareness for sustainability and the impact our footprints are leaving is ever growing. As JDEP, we are embracing the responsibility for environment and people via our sustainability agenda. We also look to support our customers and consumers in their wish to act responsibly without having to cut back on taste. Now, the good news is that our Liquid solutions Cafitesse and Promesso not only deliver on taste, but they are one of the most sustainable coffee solutions we can offer. From bean to cup!


Great Taste AND Utmost Sustainability!

To show the many ways in which we ensure that Cafitesse ticks all the boxes for being a truly sustainable choice, the NL Marketing team took the lead in developing the Cafitesse Sustainability Story which is now available globally here.

Discover all the ways in which we ensure that Cafitesse is sustainable from bean to cup and learn more about our ambition of making Cafitesse the most sustainable solution on the market!


Green, Greener, Greenest

Cafitesse is about to take a significant next step towards our ambition. This will be revealed soon so stay tuned-in on Cafitesse!

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