A passion for coffee … and more!

Welcome to the Taste Experience in our Coffee Passion sessions! Get some incredible insights into how the great taste of Cafitesse pairs with delicious food!

Recently, our master blender Roland Brouwer introduced us to a world of flavours in which coffee combines with some surprising food choices. Including roast beef!


The taste of perfection


Based on research into how we experience taste, Roland explains how mouthfeel, flavour richness and flavour type influence what we taste. Pairing coffee with desserts and bakery is, by tradition, what we do most. Now Roland shows us how we can enhance this pairing by selecting the richness and flavour complexity of desserts with the right balance in coffee bitterness and acidity. How? By knowing a coffee’s origin and the way and measure in which it has been roasted: all these are key to the coffee’s eventual taste and how it balances with your food. For instance, rich chocolate desserts pair best with a dark roast coffee, whereas citrus-based desserts are best accompanied by a medium roast.

If you missed this Coffee Passion session, click here for your chance to get inspired by his taste pairing secrets!


Share your taste highlights!

We’re also inviting you to take on the taste pairing challenge and experiment yourself with some sweet, sour or bitter highlights. Pair coffee with the food of your choice. Be inventive and surprise us with something out of the ordinary. Send your unique taste pairing to Let’s Talk Cafitesse or post on the Let’s Talk Cafitesse Workplace group.