Tasty, fluid energy for the elderly

Earlier this year, we proudly showcased two new, innovative Cafitesse machines - Jacobs Cafitesse Excellence Touch and Cafitesse Excellence Compact Touch - at the Nuremberg trade fair for elderly care. The machines’ modern design with a large touchscreen, easy cleaning and maximum hygiene through the closed Cafitesse systems, makes them especially suitable for the care segment.

Besides excellent coffee, these new Cafitesse machines also provide a delicious cocoa drink. Cocoa is an important source of nutrients and energy. As such, it is an ideal source of energy for the elderly in need of special care. Each cup of Cocoa Fantasy contributes to their fluid balance, as well as to achieving their daily calorie intake. In this way, the risk of malnutrition or dehydration is minimised. What’s more, the drink has the sweet features that are especially appealing to the elderly. As normal thirst impulses are lost in old age, a sweet taste can be a great motivator to drink more.

The Cafitesse machines can be fine-tuned to serve the sought-for, optimal calorie count and liquid volume. This makes it easy to calculate energy and fluid intake of elderly living in care homes.