Saying ‘Thank you’ the Cafitesse way in France

The German Cafitesse team recently delighted hospitals and their staff by bringing them a cup of Jacobs Cafitesse coffee. It was their way of saying ‘Thank you’ to these frontline heroes.


The idea of offering hospitals free placement of Cafitesse machines (including coffee) in their intensive care units, has now been adopted by our French colleagues. They have launched a ‘Try it, Adopt it’ campaign that focuses on a number of carefully selected and targeted healthcare institutes. The campaign highlights the exceptionally safe and hygienic solution offered by the Cafitesse machines.

As they say: tasting is believing and our colleagues are convinced that French healthcare employees will so appreciate the easy, convenient and safe access to a well-deserved cup of coffee. Undoubtedly, they will also be pleasantly surprised by the great taste of Cafitesse! After all, it is why people love us: because Cafitesse is more than just great coffee!