Travelling Cafitesse flavors!

Do you know what a Belgian dessert, an Italian chocolate ice cream, an Australian ice coffee, and a Swiss aroma have in common? You guessed it – Cafitesse can be found in all of these tasty products. Next to delivering great tasting coffee, Cafitesse delights consumers in these surprising ways.

Our industrial business customers use Cafitesse as ingredient to create tasty products and enjoy the benefits such as easy solubility (instant granules have to be dissolved before adding to recipes, which reduces the production efficiency) and the pure taste (the flavoured aroma is often artificial and may contain preservatives).

To meet the needs of industrial business customers, we offer a dedicated packaging size – the Cafitesse jerrycan. Each jerrycan contains 20L Cafitesse Medium Roast. This way, Cafitesse can travel easily around the world to create coffee-flavored products.