Hi April!

We hope this newsletter finds all of you well and safe. A lot has changed since our last edition – 2020 brings big changes. While there is a lot happening around us, we will continue to share with you news and a bit of positive energy from the world of Cafitesse.

This time we have selected some inspiring examples of how our teams make a contribution to hospitals where a cup of coffee is as precious as ever. We also prepared a fact-sheet for our customers asking what makes Cafitesse a hygienic solution.

As always, we have some success stories to share: from new customers joining the Cafitesse family to a clever online tool providing Perfect Fit advice, our colleagues are identifying opportunities to drive growth. Don’t miss it and check out the contents.

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The online coffee solution advisor = The MVP!

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UK Winning in Prestigious Hotels

Let's Talk Cafitesse!

The Cafitesse Millionaires! Do you think you can win?

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