Less waste? No problem!

Did you know that Cafitesse is waste efficient? The lucky Cafitesse customer is able to eliminate the total amount of spent coffee grounds. Why is this worth mentioning? Let me give you an example. If you brew 400 cups of coffee (what you would get out of a 2L pack of Cafitesse) using the bean to cup method about 6.4kg of spent coffee grounds will be produced. There are many customers that require or demand a solution providing high capacity of coffee. Would you want to dispose everyday kilos of waste? Would you want to think about the extra waste stream for the coffee grounds? Don’t worry, there is a solution! Guess how much waste Cafitesse produces? For 400 cups of quality Cafitesse, the only waste the customer will have is the pack and the doser. Now does that not sound more sustainable yet also so much more convenient? 

Cafitesse offers a quality cup of coffee in seconds, is easy to use and clean (super convenient btw) and now, shows that it produces the least amount of waste! That’s right, Cafitesse does not produce coffee grounds, and additionally the package is more sustainable than the flexible packaging. How? With Cafitesse, separating the plastic inner lining from the box is just as easy as removing the doser from the pack. Easy separation leads to easy recycling. Now, if that does not sound green, then I do not know what does!