Field Testing Blue Ocean Maritime Equipment

Similar to humans, Cafitesse is constantly evolving, becoming better over time; providing a quality cup of coffee while adapting and complying to the needs of the industry. This incentivised the launch of the “Blue Ocean Project”; a project dedicated to improving Cafitesse within the floating industry!


There is a lot of complexity behind the floating industry and without doubt Cafitesse concepts have to be tested in order for them to be approved in America. In 2017, with the help of Global Cruise Lines, 2 Cafitesse Quantum 110 dispensers were installed on the Columbus Cruise ship and started their trial phase. Success came quickly, and after only 1 month the concept was approved and 24 additional Cafitesse machines were installed. Now, that is what I call smooth sailing! Cafitesse did not stop there! The testing helped collect various learnings of the floating industry to better understand the equipment requirements, supply chain logistics, global service & maintenance coverage and legal complexity.


On December 21st 2019, as part of field testing, Nico van Amerongen, Customer Support Specialist Professional Equipment Operations and Wilko Mels, Program Manager of the travel sector, installed 6 new Excellence touch (Marine Version) and 7 Quantum 110 with marine kits on board of the Magellan cruise ship. The field test is progressing well, and the Cafitesse solution is highly valued by the passengers and crew. The test will continue until March and once approved, the new machine and kit will become available.

*For any interest or new prospects in the industry, please reach out to Andries Leusink, the Global Operations Manager Professional Export for International Key Accounts and lead of the Blue Ocean Project.