Cafitesse is on the RISE!

Another great Year of Cafitesse is over. But what made this year great? The answer to this question is:

  • Education –we all know what Cafitesse and Promesso offer
  • Perfect Pitch -we all know how to sell it
  • Belief- we choose pride and belief and share it

We have seen top-line growth compared to previous year in 11 MSUs and we are proud of serving 2.5% more cups in volume. So let’s take some time to acknowledge our big players who delivered the biggest growth of Liquid Roast in 2019:

#1 Greece. In terms of percentage growth, Greece is on top of the table (16,0% vLY) due to excellent focus, beliefs and skills of the local team who leveraged Perfect Fit solution selling. Fantastic growth with Café Milc!

#2 Germany. In terms of absolute growth, Germany (4,1% vLY) launched with a big bang new equipment innovation and Jacobs visual identity at Internorga in March. The German team was focused on key segments and relentlessly was offering the Liquid proposition to the customers. Congratulations both to the farmers and the hunters! 

#3 GBD & countries from the Southern Europe cluster. GBD (11,5% vLY) proved how to deliver best-in-classic activation through the partner network. Southern Europe managed to grow double digit in Portugal (10,1% vLY), while showing great internal spirit (People Love US!) and launching Promesso via tender win in France (5,6% vLY).

2019 was a year of growth and there is no reason to not feel proud and celebrate!