Cafitesse: The coffee for all generations

Marriott is moving into the boutique hotel industry, targeting the new generation of customers and guess who they are taking with on their journey? You guessed it! Cafitesse is in on the ride. The newly acquired cool and hip boutique hotels Autographic Collection and Moxy are now fully equipped with Cafitesse machines, serving their customers a great quality cup of coffee.

Both boutique hotels are located in Greece, yet in different locations. The Autographic Collection is a modern hotel attracting the modern-day entrepreneur and business traveller. The boutique hotel, based in Athens, has recognized the difference that coffee makes at a business meeting. What better coffee to choose than Cafitesse! A solution that promises a great cup of coffee, a quality experience, and an unforgettable business meeting.


Moxy, on the other hand is a small, but smart & stylish hotel with a contemporary living style, an absence of a front desk, playful functional rooms and a communal living room spaces in the place of commonly known lobbies, with a 24/7 availability of foods & drinks. With 2 Cafitesse machines at the guests constant disposal, there will be enough energy to take full advantage of the trip or holiday in Patras.


This is only the beginning! Both hotel brands have plans for expansion! Can you see the opportunity here? Cafitesse sure can!