Did you know?

Within JDE quality of our products is high on the agenda. To make sure we can guarantee the quality of all our coffees we sell in the market, we are following an intense quality program in our coffee factories every day. Sensorial checks, amongst others, play a very important role in reaching our objective. For our coffees, teas and other beverages this is obvious, but did you know JDE is one of a few companies in the world that sets strict requirements to both the machines and ‘paper’ cups?

According to the JDE Taste Governance program, no material in contact with a JDE product may cause a change in its sensorial characteristics. In order to guarantee compliance with this program, we trained taste teams at our suppliers in the Netherlands, Italy and China.  These locally based teams are trained to be able to detect off-taste caused by the machines or cups. Every year these teams are retrained and calibrated to make sure the produced machines and cups will help to deliver a perfect cup of JDE coffee. 

Roland Brouwer

Global Coffee Expert Professional