The Partner Event


The Global Business Development team hosted the 2019 annual Partner Event in Hamburg, Germany, and yes, Cafitesse was present as well. What is the Partner Event? The annual GBD Partner Event brings together our team and our partners that are spread out across the globe. It gives us an opportunity to meet face to face to share with them our 2020 strategy and initiatives. The main objective is to inspire our Partners with all the growth drivers and full coffee solutions we can provide as a starting point for the joint business plans conversations for 2020.

The World of Cafitesse was the Food Destination providing the partners with snacks, lunch, and of course, a lot of Cafitesse! The Cafitesse space featured both a Quantum and an Compact Touch and provided an efficient, convenient and quiet solution if anyone needed a coffee in the midst of a presentation. Besides that, an Excellence Touch was placed at the breakfast hall of the hotel. What better way to wake up from one of the amazing Evening events than with a fresh cup of Cafitesse!

The World of Cafitesse was a great reminder to the partners that the JDE’s yearly investments in the ingredients, equipment and sales tools over the past years has made Cafitesse better than ever. Proofing versatility, convenience and a great experience. What more can you want?!

The shared enthusiasms for Cafitesse opened a number of exciting success stories, which left us as well as the partners inspired and driven for what accomplishments will come in the future.