Hi December!

Christmas is just around the corner, but guess what? We have an early present for you! The December Cafitesse newsletter edition has some new and exciting stories waiting to be opened and seen by all of you. 

Cafitesse is a great quality coffee that is convenient and sustainable. Cold Stone Creamery is one of many examples portraying these great characteristics. Additionally you can learn on how the production of Cafitesse is creating in green energy.

With Cafitesse constantly growing, it is continuing to explore the world. Read the newsletter about ASTORIA, or where Cafitesse is doing its quality checks! Check it out!

Lets Talk Cafitesse!

Cafitesse: A sustainable cup of Coffee!

Lets Talk Cafitesse!

Creating 'The World of Cafitesse'

Lets Talk Taste!

Seeing, smelling, tasting... All essential for checking the quality of Cafitesse!

Lets Talk Success!

Cafitesse is getting tackled. 

Lets Talk Success!

The perfect combination of hot and cold!

Lets Talk Success!

Cafitesse is cruising on... 

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