Coffee Academy: The Wonders of Cafitesse

What does a customer want? Can a customer distinguish the taste profile of different types of coffee’s, if filter, beans, instant or Cafitesse? How is Cafitesse produced? How does Cafitesse compare to the different products that Jacob Douwe Egberts offers?

The Coffee Academy is there to answer all these questions and more. The Coffee academy is an intensive, educating and fun experience that does not force or pressure anyone to lean towards one product or the other. To put it simply, the Coffee Academy is there to educate you, not to persuade you.

From taste tests, to factory tours, to comparing the variety of machines and products that Jacob Douwe Egberts offers, the Coffee Academy is a great way to know what you are selling, and what options are available depending on the customer.

Do you think that you can taste the difference between filter, bean, instant or Cafitesse? I know that I have only been drinking coffee for the past 7 years, however I was confident that I would taste the difference. Well… I don’t. Our taste of coffee is strongly influenced by our perception. Do you think you can taste the difference? Try it! You will be surprised. The point is, that unless you have an expert taste and distinguish one coffee from another, the most important thing is that we have a consistent good tasting cup of coffee. Cafitesse offers just that!

With most of the coffee that we supply, it comes with a machine. Like all coffee machines, they have to be maintained in the right circumstances. If the coffee machines are not being maintained, ultimately the coffee will taste different to what we have offered. We as JDE want every cup of coffee to taste great. Some customers do not have alot of time and resources for maintenance. Understandable, but guess what! We have a solution to this. You guessed it. Cafitesse! It takes 10 seconds to clean a Cafitesse machine. Remove the packages inside the machine, give the machine a quick wipe, add new packages and VOILA the machines is cleaned, and the coffee taste remains consistent and great.