Cafitesse- The coffee in the arctic


Ever wondered what a polar bear looks like? Ever wondered how it looks like on the other side of the earth where it is constantly ice cold, and glaciers rising from the left and the right? Well, Cafitesse knows!

The MS Nordstjernen, or in English, ‘the North Star’, was once famed for helping sailors navigate through the ice cold waters of the Arctic. Now it is cruising around the untouched nature of the Arctic at temperatures as low as -40°C, for tourists to experience something new. What better way for the crew and their guests to keep themselves warm than with a great tasting hot cup of Cafitesse coffee.

The MS Nordstjernen specialises in the waters around Spitsbergen and the Svalbard Archipelago. The Svalbard archipelago is home to over 3,500 polar bears and fewer people, with 60% of the land covered in glaciers. If the polar bears are out of sight, well don’t worry, in the icy waters, penguin rookeries, seal colonies as well as Orcas, Humpacks and Minke wales are swimming close to the ship. Why? Well I can only imagine, they are getting a scent of the hot cup of Cafitesse freshly served on board. 

From all the coffees in the world, the Arctic explorers have chosen Cafitesse. There are not many ships that go as far into the unknown of the Arctic as the MS Nordstjernen.

This, my fellow Cafitesse lovers, is a real accomplishment!