Hi October!

Another 2 months have passed. Are you ready to read more on Cafitesse? Well we are ready with the October edition. Did you know that Cafitesse is exploring the Arctic? Or, did you know that you can use Cafitesse in new creative ways? Thats right! Learn how to bake your favorite brownie, with a hint of Cafitesse.


October is also giving us some interesting insights on what the first impressions of the Coffee Academy are in the eyes of a new joiner. Furthermore, see how Cafitesse is growing! Cafitesse is slowly taking over the Hiltons! 


Take a look!

Let's Talk Cafitesse!

How was my experience at the Coffee Academy? 

Lets Talk Cafitesse!

Find out how Netherlands and Germany promote internally...

Lets Talk Taste!

Why only drink Cafitesse, when it is so much more. 

Lets Talk Success!

Cafitesse is exploring the North Pole. Find out more... 

Lets Talk Success!

Cafitesse is taking over the Hiltons! Find out more... 

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