Let's talk taste with Roland Brouwer


JDE has been sourcing the best coffee beans from plantations all over the world for the past 260 years, blending them to create a taste that most consumers like and carefully roasting them to bring out the true flavours. But that’s not all. Since 1962, here at JDE we have been developing our expertise in packing coffee to preserve the fresh aromas that give Cafitesse its great taste.



It all starts with selecting the best green coffee – a key task of our coffee sourcing department. As soon as the beans arrive at our factories we use our craftsmanship to blend them and create all the great tasting Cafitesse varieties you love. The different blends are carefully roasted to develop the 800 different flavours which are present in green coffee. Of course, the roast depends on what kind of taste profile we want to achieve. To capture all the intense aromas in the freshly roasted coffee, there is no time to lose. Cafitesse is brewed as quickly as possible, under optimum conditions.

This means:


•  Clean equipment

•  Optimal grinding to extract those rich flavours, balanced acidity, sweetness and a long coffee aftertaste

•  The best water

•  Controlled dosing to create consistent, high-quality coffee

•  Computer monitoring of the whole process


To make sure our customers and consumers can enjoy this high-quality coffee, it needs to be packed in such a way as to preserve all the valuable flavours. We’ve developed a unique, airtight bag-in-a-box system which does the trick. The flavours are locked in until our customers push the button to start producing that perfect cup of coffee.