Rejuvenating our Cafitesse portfolio

Over the past few months we have been working on a project using state of the art modeling tools to find out what consumers want, allowing us to identify key flavour spaces and optimise our blending.


What we’ve been doing is comparing what consumers say about Cafitesse to find out what is key when it comes to developing the best possible blends.


The research showed our medium coffee blends were already well liked, but that we could intensify the coffee taste – which we’ve done. Our stronger roast blends were already the consumers’ favourite and remain the most intense in the Cafitesse collection.


But, thanks to what we learned from consumers and customers, we’ve added a new coffee blend to our range. Our Delicate roast sits, together with the Golden Roast, in between the medium and intense coffee blends and are full of flavour and character – just what you need in a great cup of coffee.

A Dutch Treat

The Dutch have a great coffee culture – according to some research, they drink more cups a day than any other nationality – so it is hardly surprising that the Netherlands is going all out for the launch of the new Cafitesse blends.


The Dutch MSU team have created a ‘taste lab’ in the Utrecht showroom where colleagues and customers can test out the new flavours in three specialised zones – a classic red for Medium, deep green for Rich and Fruity and intense brown for Dark.


The dedicated taste zones are set up to highlight the three different blends and explain the blend characteristics to both new and seasoned Cafitesse lovers.


The Dutch team organises blind tastings as well, to help people identify and pinpoint the differences between the three Cafitesse varieties. How many will you get right? In all, it is a simple concept and a great way of introducing a new portfolio - an inspiration to the rest of us.