Innovation over 60 years


Cafitesse might be a long-established concept, but innovation is keeping it at the forefront of coffee technology. In fact, Cafitesse can trace its roots back to 1958 when engineer Alexander Kückens developed a simple machine to mix water with coffee concentrate, but it was not until a chance meeting at a trade fair in 1962 that the product really took off.


At the fair, Mr Kückens met Mr Anne Halma of Dutch coffee company Douwe Egberts which was already producing liquid coffee concentrate. The two realized the great potential of their idea and the rest, as they say, is history.


By 1973, the coffee systems were being exported to the US and Canada. The five star Royal York hotel in Toronto was one of the first customers, setting the standard all over Canada.


In 1994, technical design, speed and great tasting coffee became the basis of the Cafitesse brand and by the end of the century press button controls allowed customers to serve an even greater variety of high quality coffees.


Innovation is at the centre of the power of our brand, our coffee credentials and our quality and service.


We’re introducing new products, new concepts and tailor-made, easy-to-clean solutions for our customers. Our newest machines are high speed, to deal with unpredictable demand with precision dosing to guarantee quality and aroma.


Who would have thought back in 1958 that we would have moved into special coffee stores, coffee to go products and iced coffees as well as our innovative technology? 


Today customers in 65 countries are serving Cafitesse coffee – approx. two billion cups of coffee per year. As we move into the next 60 years, our heritage, fuelled by consumer insights and trends, will continue to drive our innovation forward.