Cruising for a coffee

Andries Leusink, International Key Account Manager, shares his success story of Cafitesse.


Think of a cruise ship and you immediately think of luxury – a casino, theatres, night clubs, swimming pool, sport and entertainment – and, of course, the best in hospitality. On a cruise, it is crucial that food and drinks are available 24 hours a day and coffee is top of the list of customer choices.


Last year, we ran a very successful pilot with one of the ships of Cruise & Maritime Voyagers. After only one month, we had already agreed a five-year contract to install JDE coffee technology on board four of their ships and the last one was fitted out just this month. We have overall 60 Cafitesse Coffee solutions on board of these 5 ships.

Experience so far shows that cruise customers love their coffee – drinking an average of three cups a day. The four ships have total passenger and staff capacity of 6,000, so that means a forecast throughput of 5.5 million cups a year.


Cafitesse Excellence machines are installed ‘front of house’ in the buffet areas and guests on board can enjoy a coffee – Medium Roast or Decaf Roast – whenever they like. Behind the scenes, Cafitesse Quantum 110 systems have been set up for high volume areas, including pre-boilers at some locations to cope with peak demand.

Food & beverage equipment has to meet the highest possible standards, and that is where Cafitesse comes in, thanks to its consistent in-cup quality, ease of operation, speed, capacity, reliability and hygiene. Since we started installing our technology in the cruise ships last April, we haven’t had a single complaint.


The cruise market offers great opportunities to grow this business and we will be focusing on adding more ships in Europe and Asia this year. It’s going to be an exciting journey.

The cruise industry

In 2017 more than 25 million passengers spend their vacation on the water on a cruise ship. And this industry is continuing to grow at a steady pace.

With an average annual passenger growth rate of almost 6% per year during the past decade, the cruise industry is the fastest-growing segment of the global leisure travel market.

World-wide there are 450 cruise ships (Ocean and River Cruise ships) floating the seas and this number will increase in the coming years. The global cruise ship order book is well filled with a record high of 85 ships to be delivered and to enter service over the coming decade. The order book has not only been constantly growing in recent years, but ordered ships’ average size and features have also been growing, highlighting the market’s strong momentum.