Let's Talk Cafitesse!

The Perfect Pitch!

As I travel to all the countries, I still hear pitches concerning Cafitesse missing real emotions. As coffee is an emotion, I want to share with you my pitch on Cafitesse and challenge every one of you to share with me any adjustment making this pitch even better!

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“Liquid Roast is brewed with the same care and passion as coffee lovers do to serve the most beautiful coffee & coffee varieties. With 265 years of Craftsmanship in Coffee, the most delightful coffees are selected out of the 70 coffee cultivating countries around the globe. The selected beans are carefully blended and roasted to create different style coffees appreciated by coffee lovers all over the world. To capture all these intense high-quality aromas (essences) from the freshly roasted coffee, Liquid Roast is immediately brewed (created) under the best conditions and packed fresh & cold. Liquid Roast is a 100% pure coffee approximately 22 times stronger than average strength fresh brew coffee. Liquid Roast in combination with our appealing, sophisticated & reliable equipment enables every consumer to experience high quality coffee in a strength they prefer. This combination guarantees great tasting coffee, cup after cup!”


Looking forward to inspiring and aspirational pitches full of coffee emotion!


Best regards,


Roland - Global Coffee Expert JDE Professional (Master Blender)