Let's Talk Succes!

Manilla loves Cafitesse!

The great taste of Cafitesse coffee, the speed of the concept, the simplicity in using and cleaning the equipment are only some of the reasons KFC Philippines decided to include our Cafitesse in its business and embrace it as a valuable tool to increase revenues for its 170 outlets around the country.

On the hunt for the best tasting cup of coffee-to-go, Spot, an online guide around Manilla’s greatest places to be, conducted a research. The key points of comparison for the research were aroma, overall flavor and strength. The researchers visited the coffee places and restaurants under-cover without giving any notice to the owners and drunk lots of coffee to choose the winner.

Guess what!! According to Spot's findings KFC Philippines ranked 2nd best by serving our Cafitesse! McCafé, Subway and Lawson can be found in lower positions of the same list while the 1st place was held by Dunkin Donuts. The researcher reportedly says: ”KFC’s take on brewed coffee will “floor” you with its full-bodied, earthy flavor and nutty scent. This is the kind of cup you don’t tarnish with sugar or creamer—drink it black for the best effect”.

Cafitesse and KFC are a great duo and this ranking proves it! In order to keep the success going menu innovations are introduced with delicious recipes that include our Cafitesse (e.g. Espresso Sundae’s, Frost Mocha, etc.). There is nothing holding us back and our ambition is to become #1!